Lake Tahoe Wedding Testimonials for Minister, Irvalene Blount


We came from London for the wedding of our dreams and you gave it to us. We talk everyday about the wedding and how great it was. It absolutely was the best day of our lives so far and we are so privileged to have shared it with you.

Everyone commented afterwards about you and how nice the ceremony was. My Mum was impressed that you were very spiritual and pointed out to me afterwards how your Native American blessing fit with something I was told once, that my spirit guide is an Apache Indian. Interesting how things fit together?

You were the perfect minister for us and I have already bumped into strangers who plan on getting married abroad, I suggested Tahoe and gave your name.

HaHa my Dad...he is not a crier but you certainly had an affect on him. We loved our ceremony. It was more than we hoped for..
I know it is against your philosophy but we would have paid double what you charge to get that ceremony again.

Thank you and you will always be a part of our lives.

Ben and Becca

First of all, Jeff and I wanted to send our sincerest thanks for such a beautiful ceremony this past Saturday at Emerald Bay! The service was everything we could have dreamed of! Our friends and family had a wonderful time. So many details can be planned for - logistics, flowers, photos, etc... but the one thing I don't think anyone could ever anticipate is the over-running of emotions that comes with hearing (and repeating) the words that tied in our love for each other and the love and support of our friends and family. Thank you for guiding us through it! Also, thank you for reaching out to us on Sunday. It meant a lot to Jeff and I to hear that you, too, felt the love up on the mountain.

Jeff and I are looking forward to a lifetime together and we are so glad that you were a part of tying us together in marriage. There's something very powerful about being "married" and we are both excited and humbled by it. Obviously, Lake Tahoe will always be a very special place for us - hopefully our paths will cross again soon. Many blessings to you,

Mike & Jeff

We just wanted to thank you again for performing a really special ceremony for us yesterday. Your kindness and sincerity throughout the whole process really made it that much more meaningful (and fun!) for us.

I was wondering if you had any sort of transcript of your sermon, or at the least the Native American blessing you recited?

Thanks again and take care!

Kristin & Clive

"We came across Irvalene's website when we were researching Ministers in the South Lake Tahoe area. We live in London in the UK and were looking for someone wonderful who would go the extra mile to help us plan our special day from afar! From our first contact with Irvalene we knew she was the one for us. She was so kind, attentive and enthusiastic. She listened to what we wanted and took the time to get to know us, so she could make sure our ceremony suited us perfectly.

She told us all about Lake Tahoe, recommended various locations and helped us find the most beautiful spot - the lookout point over Emerald Bay. We were so excited to finally meet her! The ceremony was perfect, and we will treasure the memories and her words forever. Thank you Irvalene for being you and for making 29 May 2015 the happiest day of our lives. We will be back to visit you! "

Love Katy and Ben

We just wanted to say thank you, not just taking care of all the paperwork and making it so EASY for us but calming down our Mother's, you did it with compassion and strength, which they needed. Irvalene you did great with them. The best part was not just the ceremony which we absolutely loved what you did but you made us laugh while doing it also, you made it fun not a serious thing but you picked up on our personalities and made us laugh and that we will never forget, our families are still talking about you and the joy of the laughter espcially after the issues that were going on earlier. If I could tell anyone looking for an offiant it would be "call Irvalene"....she took the stress out of it all and made it fun and that is what we needed. Thank you for all your special touches. I am so happy that we decided to let you just go with your heart and gut feelings. Once we let go and let you do your thing, even with all the people there and yes we had a big just took care of it all. You will be doing our vow renewal! Much love to you and we will never forget you.

D & J

Thank you so much for your kind, sweet and loving spirit. You helped us so much when the weather was a problem for our wedding day. You made sure I was okay as a bride to be. I loved our conversations and just you being so helpful. I loved how you called me back when Kenny called me and scheduled me for the forest suite resort. Thank you so much for your love! The ceramony was beautiful. We love you Reverend.

The Hodges

Irvalene you meant everything to us, your ceremony meant a lot to us both and we are so thankful we have stayed in touch. We love you and hope to see you soon. Our daughter is getting married and she wants you to do the ceremony on our anniversary at the same place. You gave Anita hope and faith in our love. She has been through so much in her life and after all she has gone through, she was scared and life is great with us, life is great now. It is because of your kindness, your words and faith in us that gave us strength. We are so happy. You will forever be in our hearts. Happily married and in love.

Anita & Dan

What a fun day, you made it so! We will be up in the summer and we both want to see you. Thanks for making our wedding day so memorable. We haven't told family yet, it's a surprise.


We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed you, your ceremony and the time you took with us. You are so kind hearted. Thank you for checking on us later, you knew what we are going through and you took the time to check on us. You will forever be in our hearts.

M & F

John and I just wanted to say thanks so much for all you did, you made it so easy for us. Doing the paperwork was so easy with you and the way you kept everyone calm so "we" could have our day without drama. We just wanted to say thank you and can't wait to do our vow renewal with you next year. We loved the ceremony ... perfect for us.


We are on a big journey together. But even in these dark times, we are so happy to get to love one another. Thank you so much for taking the time to support us in our marriage. You Made all the difference and we will never forget. Wishing all the best to you.

Maria & Frederick

I just wanted to say that our wedding was so awesome and Thank You so much for such a wonderful ceremony. It was like you knew us for a long time and you made everything so Perfect.

Art & Carol

Thank you so much Irvalene for your services and making our special day special! The beach was amazing and you made everything so easy for us. I have already referred two close friends to you as I know you will do a wonderful job. Thanks again!

Josh & Lauren

We would like to thank you for the beautiful ceremony that you made for us, and would love to have you marry us again next year.

Ryan & Astrid

Tim and I would like to say thank you so much for the beautiful wedding ceremony! You are very kind hearted person. You made the wedding process a little easier with your kind words.
Thank you so much for the phone call to check up on me. I was very lucky the hit to the head wasn't any worse then it was and didn't leave a mark for the wedding. I really appreciate you taking that time and thoughts in how I was doing!
We are doing great back in Minnesota. We wish you the best and can't say enough how much we appreciate you being part in our special day!

Jenny & Tim

Irvalene made our ceremony absolutely perfect. From the moment we met she was caring and I could tell that she is so passionate about what she does! The beautiful words she spoke, and the ceremony that she gave us was absolutely perfect. Our favorite part was the Native American prayer that she blessed our marriage with at the end. We couldn't have asked for a better way to begin our lives as a married couple now, and we are so thankful for the beautiful words that were spoken. We can't thank her enough!!!

Mallory & Rachel

We want to thank you for your ceremony, your kindness and the love you obviously have for what you do. Our family is still talking about you and how you made everyone feel so good. Your words were made for us. You really listened to what we wanted to say and feel.

John & Brad

Thank you so much for your beautiful wedding ceremony! Your words were lovely and heart felt and made Claire and Jonathan's wedding emotional, very touching and joyful. We will always appreciate the part you played in making their and our day so special.

Claire & Johnathan

We were so lucky to have chosen you to perform our ceremony. It was just perfect for us. We want to thank you for making our wedding day so special. You used your words and warmth to make our ceremony unique, just perfect for Us. You are truly a gem. We will never forget how special you made our wedding day for us. We can't thank you enough. You helped capture our special day so we could share it with our family and friends. We really were so grateful for the photos you took. You've gotten many compliments on your photos. I am glad you said to bring a camera, Extra touch, thanks for that gift. With love and gratitude.

Debbie & Doug

We just wanted to thank you for everything you did to make our wedding so perfect. You were so kind and helpful during the whole process, it helped ease a lot of the stress of planning. The ceremony was so beautiful, you did and amazing job! We are very grateful to you. Our family and friends were so happy to see the connection we had made and how comfortable everyone was with you. Thank you!


Thank you so much for making our 10 year wedding vow renewal such a beautiful and memorable event! Rev. Irvalene was a delight to have as our officiant, and made the day even more memorable.

Jamal & Kariann

Jason and I want to thank you for giving us the wedding of our dreams, for taking care of all the paperwork ahead of time so we didn't have to deal with all that also. We also wanted to say how very much we appreciated you jumping in to take pictures. As you know we didn't have a photographer and you took care of that for us. You took our pictures so we could have photos of us on our wedding day so we had something for a keepsake and to share with our family and friends. The extra care you gave us touched our heart...thank you so very much.

Jason & Anne

Ronnie and I wanted to thank you again for doing our wedding ceremony. We truly felt blessed to have connected with you. It was a perfect day for us both that will always be treasured. You are a special lady. God bless you!

Katrina & Ronnie

We just wanted to say thank you for all you did. Our wedding was beautiful. The words you shared with us were perfect, like they had been written for the two of us. You heard what we said to each other and to you and made it part of our ceremony, we were so surprised at how well you knew what we wanted with out us even saying it. This is what you were meant to do and our family and friends are still talking about you. Making our children a part of the ceremony is something they will always remember as will we, the smiles on their faces was priceless. We would recommend you to all.

Josh & Nakita

I just wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful ceremony you did, our family's both are singing your praise! You made our day even more special and I wanted you to know how thankful we are. This is truly what you were meant to do. Take care.

Briana & Russel

I am so happy we were able to have Irvalene for our wedding. We were given the wedding we wanted that had little touches that she added just for us. She was so professional yet was so much fun at the same time. Another huge help was that she took care of all the work getting the marriage license and that was so nice to not have to worry about. I would recommend her to everyone.

Sarah & Ian

I found Irvalene on Google, e-mailed her and she sent us a personal response (not just a form letter). In her response to us she expressed her thanks for what we do, we are in the military, we knew she was the one for us. We wanted a Celtic hand fasting but did not really know much about it. Irvalene took care of everything.

We had 10 ribbons for the hand fasting and she was so kind to help each couple, explaining what there part would be during the ceremony. Irvalene made us feel so special and the personal touches were more then we were expecting. This was a large wedding and our parents, grandparents and friends felt so comfortable with Irvalene's professionalism and kindness. You can really tell this woman loves what she does and cares about her brides and grooms. We are very thankful to have found her.

Aaron & Adrian

A day we both consider to be one of the single most special days of our lives. Having said this, there are not enough words to express how grateful we are to Irvalene for making this day even more AMAZING than we could have dreamed possible. She not only make us feel comfortable from our very first conversation, she took the time to learn all she could about us and our relationship.

Her warmth, her kindness and loving words she imparted to us during our ceremony were words from her heart and touched our spirits deeply. We will forever remember our extraordinary day in Zephyr Cove, one of the most beautiful places on earth, made even more special by Irvalene. In the near future, when same sex marriage becomes legal, there is not other person we would want to bless our marriage ceremony, more than Rev. Irvalene Blount.

Jodi & Cindy

Thank you so much for making our wedding date so special. The ceremony was just what we wanted and more. Getting our wedding procession coordinated (you didn't even know we didn't have a coordinator until the last minute and you took care of it for us, you jumped in and made it happen with all of our grandchildren in the procession, maid of honor and the best man and we had a lot).

The rose ceremony you did for our Mom was a gift we were not expecting. Our wedding day was perfect because of you. I will recommend you to everyone. You heard things my groom and I said to each other and made it part of our ceremony, the special things. We can not thank enough for what you did. It wasn't just a ceremony it was "our" ceremony. >We have been to "many" wedding but none like what you did for us. All I can say is having you, Irvalene as our minister, our officiant was the best choice we could have made. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Best to you and thanks again!

Shelly & David

Kent and I would like to thank you for making our day uniquely ours. Your personal assistance made us feel like we were among the best of friends.

Becky & Kent

A truly special day was created amongst friends, and we are extremely lucky to have you part of our wedding, our lives, and our life now. We could not have had anyone more perfect to bring our lives together.

Melissa & Brian

We had our Commitment ceremony performed by Rev Irvalene Blount, she was incredible. And brought so many special elements to our ceremony. It was so sincere and heartfelt. We felt as though we had known her for a long time. We can not express our sincere appreciation to her enough. She was very open and affirming and that was just so special for us. We both loved that she was a part of our day and will never forget her.

Amber & Rebecca

We can't even begin to tell you how many compliments we have received on our wedding ceremony you performed. You were absolutely wonderful and the only person we would have marry us. You made us feel completely comfortable during the whole process; even had the tissues ready for when I cried :). You truly made the whole experience easy and fun - we just can't speak highly enough about you and your commitment to making couples relax and take in the moments of their special day. Thank you for creating wonderful memories.

Hillary and Tyler

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